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Complete Finishing Services For Exterior Products

Complete Finishing Services For Exterior Products

One company that can provide complete services for adding texture, color, or a finish to exterior products and components will save manufacturers and businesses significant time and money. Services begin with a complete fleet of vehicles, owned and operated by the company, available for collection of powder coat companies. That can be car and motorcycle wheels, garden furniture, signs, railings, bike frames, smaller components, single items, prototypes, or special components for a custom project. The convenience and efficiency of collecting items save time. That same efficiency also allows the company to deliver finished products quickly.

Recent investments in state-of-the-art equipment mean the company operates efficiently while utilizing the most advanced technology. The combination ensures high-quality results at competitive pricing. A wide range of colors, finishes, and textures translates to choices for unique and bold looks, as well as near perfect color matching capabilities. High-quality powder coating is made of polyester are used for superior color retention and durability.

Pre-treatment options include seven stage chromate for aluminum surfaces and seven stage zinc phosphate for galvanized components and mild steel materials. Systems are designed to rid surfaces of any oil, grease, oxide dirt, or other particles that may be present from the manufacturing process. The zinc phosphate used in the automotive industry provides a thin coating prior to the powder coating phase of the process. Stripping is also offered for recycled and damaged products. It cleans and restores surfaces so they are more conducive to successful coating. The process is also fast and effective on products that need to be re-coated to accommodate a change in the business logo, name, or colors.

Both manual and automated powder coaters are utilized to provide the most economical approach to each production needs. The automated system is ideal for large volumes, products of a length up to six meters, and simple surfaces. The capability to coat many products at once, or to coat completely in quick succession, saves time and money. Saving time and money for businesses with smaller components, low volume, complicated shapes, or delicate features, means utilizing manual powder coaters. The flexibility allows the company to coat single items, as well as mass quantities, within business budgets.

A variety of curing ovens also contributes to superior results. Radiant heat ovens provide the most efficient curing process and can be used for the majority of items typically coated. For items that do not fit into radiant heat ovens and those with multiple colors, a camel back oven is used. Multiple colors dry at the same time with no possibility of cross contamination. That reduces time and costs for signage, products with more than one color, and heavy or bulky items. A box oven is also available for delicate items and products that require a special temperature or drying time on order to cure properly. Save time and money by using a company that can complete all aspects of the finishing process.